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Someone who doesn't like us

Here is someone who had bad things to say about us, and here is what you need to know about her:

MELBY RANCH & GREAT AMERICAN PROPERTIES LAND SCAM - BEWARE . . . A lender has taken possession of my land . . . For several months, the GREAT AMERICAN PROPERTIES has REFUSED MY PAYMENTS . . . After extorting $10,000 here, $20,000 there from me, Great American Properties took possession of the land WITHOUT FORECLOSURE PROCEEDINGS in December 2002. . . I can provide legal case history establishing this Great American Properties' & Melby Ranch . . .

San Luis, Colorado

HERE IS THE TRUTH: Lynn from San Luis is not named Lynn, and does not live in San Luis. She is, to put it mildly, a liar and a thief. A liar because she chooses to disguise her true identity so she can say anything she wants without fear of repercussions, and a thief because, by her actions she is attempting to ruin our good name and reputation.

THESE ARE THE FACTS: Before I was ever in the land business, this alleged woman signed a contract with Great American Properties to purchase 15 lots. Her original understanding with them was that she had a lawsuit going that she expected to win within six months. Once the suit was finished she would pay all 15 lots in full. After eight months GAP called her and asked if she had the money. She told them no, she did not win the lawsuit. Because the folks at GAP are really nice people, they re-wrote the contract so that she could make monthly payments instead.

She made a couple of payments and then went months without making any more. When GAP again contacted her she was 6 months behind in payments. She told them she was unable to catch up on the back payments, so they agreed to forgive them and said she could start again as of that date. Once again she made a couple more payments then stopped. Finally GAP wrote her a letter saying that they could no longer trust her guarantees, and were forced to foreclose on her, and with the advice of their attorney, they did.

(If anyone stops making their mortgage payments or car payments for more than a year what happens? They come and take your home or your car and you lose it. That's just the way it is, so why on earth this woman thinks she should be the exception to the rule I cannot imagine.)

I bought all of GAP's inventory, which included those 15 lots. I had nothing to do with that woman, I have never met her, never talked to her. Once she started making anonymous allegations on the internet, I contacted our attorney to see if I could sue her for defamation of character. He said that because she never used her real name in any of the postings, even though we knew who it was, there was no way to prove who Lynn of San Luis actually is, so there was no way to sue her.

On March 31, 2003, a lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court, Central District of California alleging many of the same charges referred to in this complaint.
On September 23, 2003 the case was dismissed with prejudice.
On June 11, 2003 the State of Colorado Real Estate Commission sent us a letter about a complaint they received repeating the same charges.
On November 14, 2003 they sent us a copy of a letter to the complainer stating Our Investigation failed to disclose evidence of a license law violation that would warrant disciplinary action by this agency. We are, therefore, closing the file on this matter.

There are no lawsuits pending against our company! There is no class action suit, no land swapping , no properties intentionally repurchased at property tax sales, and NO DEEDS PROVING A LAND FLIP SCHEME, or any other underhanded thing she can think of.

I can easily prove what I'm saying is true. Until someone produces proof of her allegations (more accurately described as lies), I hope that you will contact us for more information, rather than falling prey to her deliberate attempt to ruin my good name, and bring down the finest recreational community in Southern Colorado.

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